I Biagi Mission.


culture is the rule

art is the exception



Art and Tuscany, a pairing known and appreciated throughout the world, thanks also to I BIAGI, which for 50 years has been its standard-bearer.

Originally producing metal components for use in precious marble, crystal, and porcelain objects, the company of the Biagi dynasty soon grew from a family business into an international firm. Spurred by Carlo and Franco, a division was established that added the first lines of objects carrying the I BIAGI brand – today the company’s best known and appreciated – to the technical articles and accessories that had been the company’s core business up to that point.

The prominence of the brand is due to the skill of the master artisans who work with expertise and precision using ancient techniques, the careful choice of materials selected directly from the places where they are produced, and, lastly, the accurate production controls that have earned the recognition of customers, who are mostly international. All the products are widely appreciated for the attention to detail and finishings down to the smallest particulars, as well as for their beauty, crafted by the hands of expert artists and artisans who develop the forms and proportions according to the most classic standards of beauty.

Nothing is delivered without first being tested, and for the company nothing is more important than the satisfaction of its customers, who must have the pleasure of owning a piece of furniture, an object, or an accessory that can communicate the best of Made in Italy items, embracing the values of beauty, know-how, love, and passion that the Biagi have always felt represented in their collections. Today the family still works in Pescia, in the area around Florence, with a facility that includes a modern laboratory certified for checking each product, and a section dedicated to logistics for preparing shipments sent to destinations worldwide. Thanks to the dedication of owners and employees, I BIAGI today exports its collections throughout the world.

Leader in the luxury business, the company is investing in innovation and upgrading its production processes to meet environmental sustainability and energy saving standards. Over the years the production has evolved, interweaving refined artisanal techniques, manual and creative processes, with the latest solutions provided by cutting-edge technology. This has made it possible to produce objects that are not only beautiful but also useful and dependable. A fundamental role in the process of technological growth was ensured by the entry of Edoardo, in these years on the launching pad as representative of the third generation of the family. Having earned a degree in electronic engineering and showing the same passion, flair, and creativity of Carlo and Franco – but with the added enthusiasm typical of the young generations – he has already brought new enthusiasm and ideas to the production area. The I BIAGI collections are mainly characterised by: Crystal handmade by master artisans, unique works of art shaped by man in fire and sand; semiprecious Hard stones that include objects of exceptional beauty decorated with malachite, amethyst, and lapis lazuli; Bronzes produced just like during the Renaissance, using artisanal processes like sand casting and lost-wax casting, with unique models made by sculptors.

A greatly loved tradition. Today there are three collections in the I BIAGI product range, and all of them are inspired by objects and furnishing accessories characteristic
of the Renaissance, as well as the 1700s and 1800s. They are the kinds of works we can admire in Italian museums (Florence, Naples, and Turin) and
those in Vienna, Paris, Budapest, Madrid, Moscow, and anywhere else beautiful things were recognised, appreciated, and requested by demanding and sophisticated rulers and nobility. The Renaissance collection is the first of the I BIAGI collections and it is characterised by its variety of furnishing accessories in crystal and bronze. The Precious Stone collection contains objects richly decorated with semiprecious hard stones. Finally, the I BIAGI Furniture Collection – the latest addition – represents our most exclusive selection, fulfilling the desires of a demanding target with furniture, accessories, and precious objects made in limited runs or even custom made. The materials used besides those already described for the other collections are those specifically requested by the customer.

Informazioni ex art. 1, comma 125, della legge 4 agosto 2017 n. 124

Ai sensi dell'art. 1, comma 125-bis, della Legge 4 agosto 2017, n. 124, in ottemperanza all'obbligo di trasparenza, si segnala che sono state ricevute sovvenzioni contributi, incarichi retribuiti e comunque vantaggi economici di qualunque genere da pubbliche amministrazioni.

Secondo il criterio di cassa abbiamo avuto nell'esercizio 2021 quanto segue:
-Nessun contributo specifico COVID 19;
-Finanziamento SIMEST contratto nel 2021 a tasso agevolato fondo 394 i cui importi agevolati sono in regime temporary framework e pubblicati in RNA a cui si rimanda;
-Incasso contributi conto esercizio euro 10.000 bando TEM (Temporary Export Manager) DM MAECI;
-Incasso bando SIMEST Fiere Internazionali per euro 6.340;
-Ottenimento di credito di imposta interventi di efficienza energetica articolo 14 DL 04 giugno 2013 numero 63, vistati e certificati, in euro 82.636, non oggetto di utilizzo né di incasso, avvenuto per cessione nel 2022, il quale tuttavia è una agevolazione fiscale di carattere generale e non un aiuto di stato;
-Nel 2021 è stato utilizzato in compensazione per un terzo dell'ammontare (euro 791) il credito di imposta ricerca e sviluppo di euro 2.373 sorto in relazione all'esercizio 2020 e ampiamente rendicontato nella nota integrativa del precedente esercizio.